Ref Attack: No Decision in UIL Emergency Hearing

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150907065222-football-players-suspended-referee-attack-newday-00004816-exlarge-teaseROUND ROCK, TX -- By now you've seen the video of two San Antonio football players assaulting a ref more times than you can bear. Both players have been suspended and an investigation has been launched into what led to one of the most bizarre on-field incidents in recent memory.

UIL officials met Wednesday morning for an emergency hearing to get to the bottom of what happened. No decision was made on a possible punishment.

Assistant Coach Mack Breed is accused of coordinating the attack. He's been placed on administrative leave.

"The students allege that an assistant coach said, 'That guy needs to pay for cheating us,'" said Pascual Gonzalez, NISD Spokesman.

"Obviously we didn't get the message across to two young men in particular. Allegedly maybe we didn't get the message across to one of our 544 coaches," said Stanley Laing, NISD Exec. Dir. of Athletics. "And we're going to take that responsibility to make sure that we're going to reemphasize what our expectations are."

The players at the center of the attack claim the referee, Robert Watts, made racial slurs not once but twice during the game -- a charge the ref strongly denies.