Apple Unveils Biggest iPad Ever, iPhone 6S & Apple TV

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SAN FRANCISCO -- There's nothing like the comfort you get from your gadgets, right? Well, on Wednesday, Apple unveiled its latest greatest products.

First on the dock, an update of new features for the Apple Watch. Hey, we're still trying to figure out if this is a hit or a flop.

Next up, the new iPad Pro sporting the biggest screen of any iOS device Apple has ever made. And you can pair it with a high-tech pencil and smart keyboard..

But the Apple device that fell furthest from the tree is the one that wants to take over your living room. The new Apple TV comes with a new touch remote and allows Siri integration. It'll also have its own app store with original games.

Hey, they've even got apps that'll let you shop from your new set-top box.

And Apple wants to revolutionize the way your watch sports, so you can keep up with all those late season division races.

And what would an Apple event be without a new iPhone? The iPhone 6S features 3D-touch. It also comes with an "emergency selfie" functionality so you can get a front-facing camera with the push of a button! And those selfies will now have retina flash, making your pics three times brighter.

Hey, looks like we've got a few nominees for the holiday wish list.