Skeeter Solution: Pesticides Being Tested for Mosquito Resistance

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DALLAS — There have been two recorded West Nile Virus deaths this year. The Dallas County Commissioners court met Tuesday to talk about whether the chemicals on those trucks are making the cut.

“After heavy spraying that has been done over the past four years, we want to look at whether the pesticide we’re utilizing is effective,” Dallas Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson said.  “And if it’s not, we have to make a determination whether to use a stronger product or change product.”

Some are raising questions about whether mosquitoes are becoming resistant to that product, but Dallas County Health and Human Services says not to fret about all that buzz.

“Some stations try to play it that way,” he added.  “This is a routine process as it relates to mosquito control management.  This is a routine collection of eggs, of the mosquitos, and then there’s a test run. And if it shows the pesticide is still effective, then we’ll continue. If it shows there’s some resistance, then we’ll look at increasing the maximum labor rate of the pesticide.”

So, is the current skeeter solution working? Or will we need another skeeter solution?

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