Protesters Gather At City Hall For Anti-Trump Rally

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DALLAS, Texas- The organizers called the rally 'Un Dia Sin Trump.' Hey Donald, here`s a translation: It means 'A Day Without Trump.'  And plenty of folks spent their day off in front of City Hall to protest everything about Trump.

He may be popular with Republicans but, from the sound of it, Trump would be the first person deported if the crowd had anything to say about it.

Civil rights activist Carlos Quintanilla is one of the organizers of the anti-Trump rally.

He's running for president on anti-American, anti-immigrant agenda,” Quintanilla said.

Trump is scheduled to bring his road show to Dallas exactly one week from Monday,  holding court at the AAC. The event is free and Trump tweeted that tickets are going fast...

His numbers keep going up, but his detractors are doing everything they can to put a spotlight on what they say is Trump's message of hate.

Some even comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

#AntiTrumpRally Group Uses Picture On Facebook Cover Photo

“I mean that's what it is… He's saying let's clean America,” Quintanilla added. “The filth of America like Adolf Hitler said ‘let's clear the imperfections of Germany."

Well, when trump rolls into town next week protesters plan to roll out the unwelcome mat.

“Donald Trump is not president material,” said one protester.  “Donald Trump should be fired!”

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