Labor Day Weekend Smooth Sailing for Area Lakes

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LEWISVILLE, TX --  Ahhh…Labor Day weekend – the unofficial end of summer.

A time to squeeze in as many outdoor activities as possible, before the sun sets on another season.

Out at Lake Lewisville, the holiday weekend should be smooth sailing for boaters.

"It was kind of a short lake season because of all of the rain," boater Dale Jones told NewsFix. "So, I feel like we’ve been trying to cram in a full summer within, like a month.”

"We just bought our boat last year, so we were pretty eager to get out here. We kept watching the levels, and watching the levels.”

That’s right, who could forget how our spring storms swamped area lakes? The excessive water made boating and any water activities an impossibility.

“It made very difficult to get to the boat for a while," boater Brian Crawford recalled. "They had to bring in some temporary walkways to have access to the boat."

But, now that the water has receded and slips are accessible, it’s safe to say these guys aren’t going to miss the boat.

"It’s beautiful, it’s sunny so, yeah we’re going to stay out here and jump in and swim around and just have a lot of fun the rest of the weekend,” Crawford said.

Now, that’s what we call a vacation.