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Vacation Nation: Americans Want Mandatory Paid Vacation

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DALLAS, TX -Looking forward to the three day weekend this Labor Day?

Yeah, nothing says Happy Labor Day like vacation!

Time at the lake or by the pool just as summer comes to an end.

But sometimes time off is hard to come by, especially if your employer doesn't offer paid vacation.

According to a Huff-Post poll, majority of Americans think there should be mandatory paid vacation for everyone.

How much? Well the largest percentage of people said two weeks!

While two weeks seems standard, 42 percent of people polled said they didn't get any time off!

But hey, we're also talking about an America that leaves about $429 million paid vacation days on the table each year according to

Yeah bet our friends across the pond are laughing at us now, they get about six weeks paid vacation a year!

So put in for that PTO people! A little time off will actually help that dreaded burn out and recharge the workday batteries!

Even if you can't afford to get away, a little R&R at home never hurt nobody.

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