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Keep that Companion: New App Acts as Companion on Walk Home

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ARLINGTON,TX-Alerts went out on Thursday afternoon to students at the University of Texas Arlington, but it wasn't to wish them a happy Labor Day, instead, a warning to be vigilant around campus after a man was robbed at gunpoint in this parking lot.

Lot 51 was where it all went down. It was the second time in a week someone was robbed there.

Witnesses say the robber was driving a black Pontiac car and identified first three letters of the license plate as FBR.

So the question is, how do you protect yourself when walking out alone?

Well, there's an app for that!

No need to worry about someone knowing your location, the Companion App lets you reach out to family and friends and lets them keep an eye on you.

It works based on your GPS and comes with alert buttons to let someone know when you feel nervous or even to call police when the threat is real.

Only a week after launching the app developers say they've collected 500 incidents where students at universities felt unsafe.

So stay safe out there, and if all else fails use the buddy system.

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