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What Has the Cast of Xena: Warrior Princess Been Up To?

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Were you a fan of mid-90s-syndicated-Greek-mythology-based-action-adventure-TV-shows?  Well, good news for you!  It looks like Xena is the latest series caught up in all these nostalgia-fueled remakes.

So, just what have the stars of Xena been up to since it went off the air 14 years ago?

Let's start with Xena, herself: Lucy Lawless. Besides a VERY brief cameo in Spider-Man, she's been on the Simpsons, in Eurotrip, Salem, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus: War of the Damned and Parks and Recreation.

Xena's partner, Renée O'Connor, hasn't stopped working, either. She's been in Alien Apocalypse, Ghost Town, Ark and more!

Did you know Karl Urban was in Xena? As in the guy from Lord of the Rings, Red, Riddick, Judge Dredd, Doom and Star Trek – yeah, THAT Karl Urban.  Looks like he's been doing okay for himself since his Xena days.

And you can't talk about Xena without mentioning the show it was born from: Hercules the Legendary Journeys, starring that man-mountain of long-haired 90s awesomeness, Kevin Sorbo! Ever since Hercules, this dude has stayed BUSY. He's been in Andromeda, The OC, Meet the Spartans, Soul Surfer, Sorority Party Massacre, Key and Peele and God is Not Dead to name only a few of his ridiculously long IMDB page.

So, yeah. Looks like most of the Xena-slash-Hercules main cast members have done pretty well for themselves.   So bring on the Xena reboot!


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