Latino Groups Plan Anti-Trump Protest at Dallas City Hall

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DALLAS -- One group in Dallas wants to bump Presidential candidate Donald Trump right out of the running. People with the Latino Votes Project will be working hard this Labor Day with what they call an Anti-Trump rally outside of City Hall at 1 p.m.

“We want to send a message to Donald Trump, a very clear message that we are preparing our community to participate, to vote, to become engaged, to respond in a peaceful manner against his hateful comments,” Carlos Quintanilla said.  “We categorically reject his statements of hate, his statements of race that we are drug dealers, that we are criminals, that we are rapists. Our community contributes billions of dollars to the U.S. economy.”

“This is a peaceful event,” Gil Cerda added.  “It’s a protest, but it’s a peaceful protest.”

“We invite every, every community leader, every organization to join us,” Robert Corona said.

This is all happening a week before Trump comes to DFW for a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center.

“He’s going to meet with protesters,” Quintanilla said. “And he’s going to see signs, and he’s going to see our children, and he’s going to see the anger of the Mexican community, the anger of the Hispanic community, the anger of the Chicano-Mexican American Community. And we will produce and we will mobilize. We will give Donald Trump an unwelcome to Dallas.”

On the other hand, Trump seems to be doing well in the polls.  A Monmouth University study says he topped 30% -- the highest in the GOP.