Horseshoe Hell: I-30 Lanes Change

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DALLAS -- When you come back from your three-day weekend, be ready for traffic hell on Tuesday morning. That's because TxDOT is shifting the lanes on I-30 coming from Arlington.

Here's how it's gonna work. When you're driving into downtown from the west, you'll have to pick the correct lane a lot sooner -- just as you pass Sylvan!

If you want to stay on I-30 through downtown, instead of getting in the two right lanes, you'll want the two left lanes.

Drivers headed north on 35E or going to Commerce Street, you'll now need to get in the two right lanes. And you'll get to drive on a brand-spankin' new bridge!

There's a little good news. If you're going south on 35E, or you want Beckley or Riverfront, you'll still exit on the right. You'll just have to get in that lane about half-a-mile sooner!

This is all part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project that's supposed to eventually improve traffic flow through downtown.

For now, just know your lane and watch out for drivers who didn't see this story!

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