High School Football Player Paralyzed

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AUSTIN, TX -- As everyone gets ready for another action packed weekend of football, we were once again reminded of just how dangerous the game can be Wednesday. That's when a running back for Stony Point's JV football team in Round Rock was hit and never got up.

It was reportedly a helmet-to-helmet hit that broke Jasiel Favors neck and left him paralyzed from the waist down. The school released a tweet in support of Jasiel and his family.

From pee-wee leagues to the pros, safety concerns for players has been increasing as evidence piles up that hard-hitting tackles can result in devastating injuries. It's one of the reasons why the NFL has teamed up with USA Football to help fund the Heads Up program. The goal is to teach young players the basics of making safer tackles to prevent serious injuries.

One Ivy League school is turning to technology. Engineers at Dartmouth built remote controlled virtual players. It means the real life team can practice contact drills without running the risk of injuring their teammates.

Hey, it's a good start to make sure athletes who play the game we love can walk off the field when the game is over.