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Cowboys Stomp Texans, Time to Make Final Cuts

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(Photo By Tim Roberts)

ARLINGTON, TX — NFL preseason is finally in the books! And while Thursday night was a game off for the Cowboys starters, it might as well have been the Super Bowl for the fringe players trying to earn the final spots on this team.

Guys like running back Gus Johnson made their case. Johnson broke a 21-yard touchdown run to give the Boys a lead, but the rookie knows it’s all out of his hands now.

“I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and it’ll probably be on my mind,” said Johnson. “But they’re going to make the decision, however, they want to so just let it all play out and whatever happens, go with it.”

Johnson’s best shot is probably a spot on the practice squad since the Cowboys backfield is already packed full, but Lucky Whitehead hopes to be starting from day one. His 33-yard punt return set Dallas up for their winning score, and it’s a job he thinks he’s earned.

“I feel great about it, actually,” said Whitehead. “I definitely think I had a great performance tonight and I think I did everything I could.”

Well, that’ll be up to the Cowboys coaches to decide. And it’s a tough couple of days for Jason Garrett.

“It’s the worst part of our job,” said Garrett. “There’s a lot of guys who have their dreams and their aspirations of being a pro football player that are going to be cut short or at least detoured for now.”

Yeah, it’s a rough game, on and off the field. By Saturday, 53 guys will be living the dream of being on America’s Team while the rest have to figure out what comes next.

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