Chew On This: Ida Claire

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ADDISON -- An eclectic décor, specialty drinks -- oh, and savory southern cuisine. This is Ida Claire.

"We're a southern restaurant with a twist,” John Franke said. Franke is Ida Claire’s Executive Chef. “The twist part is that we've added a lot of international ingredients. Things from the Middle East, things from North Africa, West Africa, Southern Europe."

But the most unique ingredient may be the thought put into creating the restaurant's name, based on a fictional character.

"Ida is this young debutant in the 1930s who decides to leave the hometown of Charleston and go on a trip around the world,” Franke said.

And after many years, she comes back to create this restaurant with the recipes and items she's gathered. From the plates on the wall to the ones you're served on, you're sure to find some that'll tickle your fancy. Especially since the menu only has 20 items!

Like the chicken in a biscuit topped with peppered gravy and an egg. To classics like chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits.

Chew on This, Ida Claire has a private outdoor dining room in an airstream!

"Back in the day, in the 60s and 70s, that was RV of the day,” Franke said. "We've took an old airstream, which is basically a trailer and we've retrofitted the inside"


And if that doesn't take the edge off, maybe a cocktail will.

"We have a lot of different mixed cocktails that are really southern slanted,” Franke said.

Peachy Keen!

Whether you're looking for a delicious dish, a stiff drink, or just some place to zone out – it's safe to say Ida Claire is south of ordinary.