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New Texas Laws Effective September 1st

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AUSTIN -- Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been busy. He’s signed over 1,000 bills alone this year and a good chunk of them become the law of the land on September 1. That's this week, y'all!

So, here are 5 new laws worth getting to know:

  1. Breast is Best: This one's for all our working moms. State law now requires schools and local government offices to provide a private space for breastfeeding employees to pump milk.

  2. Save the Date: Did you know it's illegal for hairstylists to do hair at weddings? Well, save the date. Come September 1st, pro hairdressers will say "I do" to legally performing their practice on brides-to-be.

  3. Psych! College kids, you might want to think about changing your major to psychology! Texas will now pay off student loans for mental health professionals IF they spend their first few years treating the mentally ill or inmates.

  4. Revenge Porn: Sexting may not be a crime, but revenge porn is. Sharing photos or videos meant to be private will now be considered a Class A misdemeanor.

  5. Liar, Liar: SB-835 just upgraded the punishment for folks who lie about serving in the US military. Lawbreakers could face jail time if busted faking a military background!

From medical marijuana to the synthetic stuff, there are also several new laws that deal with drugs. Click here for more. And, here's a look at the FULL LIST.

Hey, you know what they say -- everything is bigger in Texas, including our Texas-sized laws.

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