Battle of the Bravest: Firefighters Take on ‘Combat Challenge’

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ARLINGTON, TX - Call it the Battle of the Bravest.

The Scott Safety Firefighter Combat Challenge pits firefighters from around the country, in full gear, against a set of grueling obstacle and challenges they face in their every day job.

"What you're going to see is what firefighters do before the news crews show up," says founder Dr. Paul Davis.

Both men and women tackle the same course, with the same weight implements.

"There is no gender bias in firefighting," says Davis. "Everything is absolute."

They don't call this a challenge for nothing.

"It's awesome to challenge ourselves and try to keep up with the guys," says firefighter Callie Jeneil-Green.
On the line is a shot to qualify for the world Challenge in Montgomery Alabama, and perhaps just as important... bragging rights.

"This was my first time," says firefighter Taylor Ahlfinger. "It's probably the most exhausting thing I've ever done."

No wonder it's billed the toughest two minutes in sports.

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