33 Yard Dash: Shoppers Score Big at Nebraska Furniture Mart

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THE COLONY- While some fans prep to watch the Cowboys take on the Vikings, others geared up to score big at the 33 -Yard Dash Scavenger Hunt.

CW 33 and Nebraska Furniture Mart teamed up to bring you the biggest play of the season!

“It’s really fun and exciting and you can see it in people’s faces,”store director, Ed Lipsett said.

If you've ever stepped inside the store, you know it`s big! We're talking the size of 11 football fields --huge!

“Imagine a scavenger hunt in 650,000 square feet and thousands of products you have to dig through,” Lipsett added.

The players had to put their heads in the game if they wanted to win one of the three grand prizes-- a leather recliner, wine cooler, or laptop.

Like any other scavenger hunt, participants had to search for 10 clues on the official map. But, the kicker was that all the clues were tied to CW 33.

Guess it pays to know you`re favorite shows from your favorite TV station.