Woman Creates Amazing Disability-Friendly Tableware

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SAN FRANCISCO – Having a disability that limits your motor skills can be challenging, especially when it comes to eating.


Sha Yao & her grandmother.

This is something Sha Yao noticed once she became the caretaker for her grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s. So Yao, who happens to be an industrial designer, invented Eatwell, a tableware line that caters to people with motor and cognitive disabilities.

So, how does it work?

Well, the tableware set features 20 different functions, including bright colors, which results in more food consumption. Slanted bowls, so food collects on one side and doesn’t tip. Spoons and forks that curve with the bowl for easier scooping. And cups with rubber bases and arthritis-friendly handles.

One of the best ideas is the tray features clips for a bib for mess-free dining.

Yep, pretty neat!

“I truly believe this product set can truly revolutionize the way we see kitchen ware,” Yao said.

Eatwell is still looking for funding to launch, but you can buy some of the pieces online. And whether you’re living with someone with a disability or not, Yao is putting something as simple as eating into perspective.

How’s that for food for thought.

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