Tailgate Thieves Hit NewsFix Photographer’s Truck in Garland

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GARLAND — When’s the last time you’ve checked on your pickup?

“Came home, tailgate’s here, went to bed. Going into work, I walked behind it, and I looked and noticed it’s gone," Colt Stewart explained.

Between late Thursday and early Friday morning, someone snatched Colt’s tailgate right off his truck in his driveway.

“You never really think about it until it really happens to you,” he said.  “You see trucks on the road without a tailgate, now you know what happened!”

But these tailgate thieves might’ve messed with the wrong guy.  Colt is a hard-working photographer at NewsFix.  While he’d normally be out making the news, someone was making a break with his tailgate.

“I was more amazed. Did they do other damage?” he asked. "Oddly enough, it was locked. I always check the tailgate to make sure it’s locked.”

This is happening all over Texas.

“Tailgate thefts are a common theft that occurs throughout the City of Garland,” Lieutenant Pedro Barineau of Garland PD said.  “It happens anytime.  Ford F-150s are typically trucks that are targeted. Ways to prevent that, you can lock the tailgate, or back it up to an actual wall. They can’t take the tailgate off if they can’t lower the tailgate.”

“I was going to clean up my middle bay,” Colt explained standing next to his garage. “Put the jeep in there, and I can put the truck inside.  Well, I wish I’d done it a day earlier,” he laughed.

“Linking the actual tailgate to the victim is one of the most difficult things as well, so another thing you can do to protect your tailgate if you do own a truck, to inscribe a driver's license or some sort of identification. The VIN numbers, so that if it is recovered, they can notify you as a victim,” Lt. Barineau said.

Man, stealing tailgates right before tailgate season gets started?  That’s not right!

“Insurance is going to help, but they’re not going to pay all of it.  It’s my home away from home, it’s comfortable, it’s the redneck Cadillac,” Colt smiled.

If caught, the pickup pickpockets might get jail time. But hey, you make your truck bed, you’ve got to lie in it.

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