Study: Work Stress Just as Harmful as Secondhand Smoke

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NORTH TEXAS -- Okay, show of hands – how many of you get stressed out at work? Yeah, we see you.

Hello, why do you think happy hour is always bumpin’? It’s called liquid therapy for a reason, folks.

Okay, that’s a joke; but what’s not funny is a new study shows workplace stress can have the same harmful effects on your body as secondhand smoke.

Seriously, friends. The study, conducted by some smart dudes at Harvard and Stanford universities, published their work in the journal of Behavioral Science and Policy Association.

So, you know it’s legit.

Get this: the study looked at 10-workplace stressors to include the usual suspects: long hours, shift work, low social support and lack of health care.

The result? All had negative impacts on your physical, mental and overall health. What’s more, the findings show work-conflicts double the odds you’ll experience health problems by more than 90-percent.

Hey, all that stress adds-up and can really kick a company’s bottom..line, that is.

Insights by Stanford Business reports workplace stress is linked to 120,000 deaths every year and 190-billion bucks in health care costs.


Well, the brains behind the study say they hope the stats start a serious conversation between managers and employees.

After all, life’s too short to be stressed.


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