Sports Apparel Banned: High School Says Jerseys are Affiliated with Gangs

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EVERETT, WASHINGTON-Just as football season is about to kick off, students at Mariner High School in Everett, Washington won't be sporting their favorite jerseys -- unless they're Seattle Seahawks fans.

But it's not about home team pride; instead, school officials say it's an attempt to strip gang affiliated symbols at school.

“We can`t wear lanyards now, we can`t wear jerseys if they restrict us. We’re basically going to be wearing uniforms at the end of the day,” student Kevin Mach said.

The new dress code is a recommendation from a local drug and gang task force after they say some students are using their fan swag as a form of street cred.

So does that mean Seattle teams aren't affiliated with gangs?

As students gear up to head to school on September 2, they'll have to leave the sports apparel at home, and that's something they’re not cheering about.

“I don`t think there is a gang problem, so I don`t agree with what they are trying to do,” said student Diana Antoci.

But some parents say it's a good thing.

“Sometimes kids are scared to go out because of the gang, especially late at night,” Fatou Darboe said.

Only time will tell if this dress code will help out, or wear out.

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