One Year Later, No Sign of Christina Morris

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PLANO -- Sunday, August 30th marks one year since Christina Morris disappeared.

“We try really hard to stay positive and stay focused," stepmom Anna Morris said. "And believe when we get up every day that this is going to be the day."

“I will never give up. I will still be fighting for her every day,” Christina's mom Jonni McElroy said.

“The frustration is there, that we haven't located Christina. That's our biggest part,” explained Plano PD Officer David Tilley.

The case centers around the last person seen with Christina -- Enrique Arochi. Grainy surveillance video shows the two walking into a parking garage at The Shops at Legacy in Plano.


Enrique Arochi

Enrique Arochi

“I'm just trying to protect myself, because I am known as the last person to have been seen with her and that's not a good spot to be on,” Arochi told NewsFix earlier this year before his aggravated kidnapping arrest.

Detectives say forensic evidence uncovered Christina's DNA in the trunk of Arochi’s Camaro.

“I want answers, and I think that he needs to give us those answers, that he's put us through enough,” McElroy said.

“I have nothing to do with the disappearance of Christina Morris. I don't know anything about the disappearance of Christina Morris,” Arochi told Newsfix.

Now, it's up to his attorneys to prove his innocence. Arochi’s trial is set for November.

“People assume that since an arrest was made that this is over. It's still going on. It's still the same fight that it was a year ago today," Anna Morris said.

A $30,000 reward for information that helps bring Christina Morris home.

If you know anything about Christina Morris’ disappearance, call Plano PD at 972-941-2148

If you know anything about Christina Morris’ disappearance, call Plano PD at 972-941-2148

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