Katrina 10: Krewe of Orleans Celebrates Tragedy to Triumph

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ARLINGTON, TX — “I left New Orleans Saturday before Katrina hit, me and my two kids with three days of clothes. And we were just going to come here to Texas, take three days and go to Six Flags.”

“My mother worked at the Charity Hospital. We thought it’d be a little bit of wind, little bit of water, we’d go back home. We ended up being at Charity for about two weeks.”

“I lost a lot and had to start my life all over again”

These are the stories of Katrina survivors, who 10 years ago were driven from New Orleans by the storm and ended up here in Dallas. They’ve come together now as the Krewe of Orleans.

“We put on events that try to bring the people of New Orleans together and help them remember the way it used to feel to be back home," said Seabrum Richardson with the organization.

One of those events is Friday night at the Zuri Restaurant and Bar in Arlington. It’s a "Tragedy to Triumph Celebration," remembering all they’ve done to overcome the disaster 10 years ago.

“At that time, it was a tragedy but they made the best of it, and I can definitely attest to being one of those people,” said Vandell Andrew, a local musician and Katrina survivor.

Funds raised from the event will go towards the Krewe’s Mardi Gras celebration being held January 22  as these folks set out to prove that no storm can damper the cajun soul.

“I believe the Spirit of New Orleans has spread across the country,” said Richardson.

“It’s doing very well,” said Trinette Pichon. “It’s almost like you’ve got the main ingredient of a gumbo mixture right here in the DFW area!”

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