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U.S. Averaging More Than One Mass Shooting Per Day in 2015

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Gun violence seems like it's in the news every day -- mass murders in movie theaters, in churches, and even on live TV.

No wonder Walmart has decided to pull its modern sports rifles, like the AR-15, from shelves.  It's a bold statement from the mega-corporation about the dangers of -- wait, nevermind.  They say they did it because the guns weren't selling well enough.

Well, if it seems like there's a story about a mass shooting every day, it's because, statistically, there is.

An irreverently named section of called "Guns Are Cool" keeps an ongoing list of shootings in America.  Specifically, incidents where at least four people suffer gunshot wounds.

The list is a long one. As of this writing, it stands at 249 in 2015 alone.  And today is August 27  -- the 239th day of the year.  Yikes.

The site started in 2013. In that year, there were 365 mass shootings, exactly one per day on average.  That number "plummeted" in 2014, which saw 336.

So, why compile such a depressing list?  NewsFix spoke with a moderator of r/GunsAreCool who said they hope to educate people, and take guns "off their pedestal."

Hey, we all want to live in a world where gun violence isn't an everyday event.  Because let's face it, in the wrong hands, guns aren't cool.

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