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AG Ken Paxton Pleads Not Guilty, Attorney Quits

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FORT WORTH -- The top prosecutor in Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton, was at the defense table in the courtroom Thursday.

First, a not guilty plea in his criminal fraud case entered by Paxton's lawyer -- his third lawyer, so far, in the case.

Hold that thought.

Next, Paxton and his lawyer asked the judge not to allow cameras in the courtroom.

"We don't want this case tried in the press," Attorney Joe Kendall said.

"It is my decision," Judge George Gallagher responded. "The defense may object. The state may object. But I will be the one to issue the order."

Right after that, Paxton's lawyer gave it up. Joe Kendall filed court documents saying, "differences have arisen that adversely affect the attorney client relationship making continued representation untenable."

So, we're up to lawyer number four.

With all the back and forth, do you remember what this is case is all about, anyway?

Well, prosecutors say back when Paxton was a state representative, he tried to sell $100,000 worth of shares in a McKinney-based tech company, Servergy, but didn't tell the two buyers he was getting a cut of the sales.

Those charged could get him 99 years, if he's found guilty. Another charge, not registering as an investment advisor could get him 10 years.

The judge gave Paxton a month to come up with a good reason to throw the whole thing out of court. Guess he's gonna have to settle on a lawyer first.

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