UniverSoul Circus Boogies to Dallas

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DALLAS -- You’ve been to a circus, but have you been to a circus with soul??

“The UniverSoul circus is the most interactive circus in the world!  You’re not just going to sit down and watch the act. No, you’re going to become a part of the show. You are the main star in our show,” Ringmaster Lucky Malatsi said.

“We’re having so much fun. It’s a really great act,” Kena Horton said while smiling.

The UniverSoul circus is in town!

“The motorcycles,” Kinton Bolden said about his favorite part.

“The zebra part and the motorcycles,” added Kimoni Bolden.  “The one with the flexible girls!”

Acrobats, daredevils, acts from all over the world partied it up under the big top in Dallas Wednesday.

“We get you down in the soul train line,” Malatsi explained.

“Well, you know, I got a little somethin’ somethin',’” Randy Horton said of his dance in the ring.

“He can’t dance in real life,” Kena said.  “He gets an A for effort.”

“There’s always haters,” Randy replied.

“I rode an elephant for the first time! It was awesome,” Shermaine Daniel said.  “He was pretty calm.  We’re from Killeen, so we drove from Killeen here. We drove the three hours to see it.”

This isn’t your run-of-the mill circus clown music.  The DJ was rocking!

“We play music for everybody,” Malatsi told NewsFix.  “We relate to everybody, especially with all the families, all the kids, all the adults. I’m from South Africa. You name it, we have it. We bring all the families together. We speak out to the community through the UniverSoul circus."

They boogie off to another city after their performance this Sunday.  You might want to get on down to the tent near Southwest Center Mall.

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