Heartbreaking Tweets From Slain Reporter’s Boyfriend

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alison parker

ROANOKE, VA — “I am numb.” Heartbreaking words tweeted from the boyfriend of slain reporter Alison Parker, who was shot and killed during a live report Wednesday morning.

Chris Hurst, a fellow reporter at CBS affiliate WDBJ, says he and Alison had been dating for nine months, they had just moved in together and hoped to get married.

27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward was also killed. Ward’s  fiancée was actually the morning show producer and witnessed the shooting from the control room. Today was her last day before starting a new TV job in North Carolina.

Slain cameraman Adam Ward & soon-to-be wife

Slain cameraman Adam Ward & soon-to-be wife

Police believe disgruntled former employee Vester Flanagan is the killer. Flanagan worked at WDBJ as a reporter for about a year using the on-air name, Bryce Williams.

According to now deleted social media accounts, Flanagan attempted to justify his actions.

bryce tweets

Flanagan has been caught after a high-speed chase. There are reports he shot and killed himself, but there is no official word on his condition.

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