Downtown Dwellers Hitting Social Media To Crackdown on Homeless Problem

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DALLAS -- Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that's what folks in one downtown neighborhood hope. They're posting pictures online of panhandlers they call aggressive. They hope the move will shame the cops and nearby businesses to crack down on bossy beggars.

“You know, we were brainstorming on a way we could be more effective to get our message out to push for change," said Tanya Ragan, who's heading up this online campaign tweeting pics with the message, 'not okay for new business  downtown.'

“This is not about coming down on the homeless, this is about, you know, we have businesses downtown that are not being good neighbors.” Ragan said

While this campaign has its fair share of critics, Ragan said the folks at City Hall are taking notice. Hey, even some city officials have tweeted their own pics.

“They have listened to the community feedback, and to the tweets, and went out and investigated on their own,” Ragan said.

For now the pics keep coming, as long as the homeless problem is begging for help.

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