Claim Your Cash: $4 Billion of Unclaimed Money in Texas

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DALLAS -- It's not every day you stumble upon a small fortune, but it turns out you might have a stack of cash you never even knew you had.

“It can come from un-cashed checks, dividends, security deposits, anything you forgot you had in the past. Any stocks can be unclaimed property,”  said Diana Diaz with the Texas Comptroller Office.

In fact, in the Lone Star State, there's about $4 billion in unclaimed property. In the DFW area alone, there’s a huge chunk of change just waiting to be claimed.

“There's over $250 million in unclaimed property in the Dallas area,” Diaz said

So, what's the average amount of cash folks get? About a thousand bucks. But sometimes folks hit the lottery.

“It was a Dallas resident back in '96, and he found $2.3 million,” Diaz explained.


No one was cashing in on that much when our cameras were on the scene. But we decided to see if our photographer had any unclaimed cash and he only made out with $6.74.

“It's real. It's free money and they'll mail it to you in 7 to 10 days.”

Rina didn’t want to tell us exactly how much hidden cash she found, but she did say she was feeling pretty blessed.

“You never know what you have in store for you, and don't forget to put some in church,” said Rina.

Hey, can we get an Amen to that?

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