Oops! Clumsy Tween Trips, Rips $1.5 Million Painting!

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TAIWAN -- It's every artist's worst nightmare. In this case, Italian painter Paolo Porpora is probably turning in his grave while his $1.5 million masterpiece is getting a much-needed repair.

And it's all thanks to a clumsy 12-year-old kid.

Surveillance cameras caught the canvas catastrophe at an exhibit in Taiwan. You can see the kid somehow loses his balance right in front of the painting. He manages to hold on to his soda can as he uses Porpora's 17th Century painting to catch himself! Apparently, the boy punched a huge hole in the canvas.


Call it bad feet or just bad luck. Lucky for the kid, he will not have to pay for any damage. But we're pretty sure the whole accident cost him a lot of embarrassment.

He's not the only one. Italy's "Drunk Satyr's" left leg was accidentally broken by an unknown spectator. And there was that American surgeon who traveled all the way to Florence, Italy to accidentally amputate a 600-year-old statue's finger.

It's not those forbidden selfie sticks these museums need to worry about. It's the actual people!

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