Chef Uno Whips Up A Decadent French Toast

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Want to send your kids off to school with a delicious french toast breakfast?

Chef Uno whips up some mouthwatering  Chino's French Toast!

Chino French Toast:

4            slices             1/2" thick bread

2            tablespoons    butter (room temperature)

1            can                condensed milk (to make dulce de leche/caramel)

4            tablespoons    condensed milk

2            tablespoons    sugar

Special Equipment: Brulee Torch

Macerated Fruit

1/2         cup                 strawberries (quartered)

1/2         cup                 oranges (segmented)

1/2         cup                 blueberries

2-3         leaves             basil (chiffonade)

2            tablespoons     sugar

1            tablespoons     Cointreau (optional)

1            tablespoon       honey

1/2         teaspoon         salt

To plate:

1/2   cup   whipped cream


Start by making the dulce de leche (caramel). Remove label from condensed milk can, place can sideways in a stock pot and submerge with water. Heat the pot to high and allow to boil for 2 hours, replenishing water as needed.  Remove the can with a pair tongs and cool to room temperature before opening. Dulce de leche/caramel can be made in advance and kept in airtight jar for up to one month.

To make toast, heat saute pan to medium high heat. Spread both sides of bread with butter, place on pan until the edges turn a golden brown, flip and toast the other side. Evenly spread two tablespoons of dulce de leche on one side of toast, then layer one tablespoon of condensed milk and sprinkle with half tablespoon of sugar from edge to edge. Using torch, caramelize the sugar until it starts to bubble.  Repeat until all toast has been bruleed.

To plate, place two pieces of toast on plate and top with fruit and whipped cream.

Cheers to eating well, Chef Uno.

Keep up with Chef Uno on Facebook, Twitter, or even better, go visit her amazing restaurant Chino Chinatown.

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