Be School Bell Ready! Here’s Your Back to School Checklist

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NORTH TEXAS -- Well kids, you knew it was just a matter of time. That’s right – summer vacay is just about over.

Now, it’s the final countdown as a new school year is hours away. But, before you head back to class, NewsFix is making sure you’re packing more than your school lunch on Monday.

Here’s your BTS checklist. Let’s start with supplies – notebooks, paper, pens; we know, it’s a given, but c’mon..nobody wants to be that guy on the first day.

Also, remember to slow your roll in school zones. The limit’s just 20-mph so, don’t dash when you see the flash.

Speaking of school zones, remember several cities have banned texting and driving. We’re talking fines ranging from $200-$500 if you’re busted.

Moving on to the dreaded five-letter word: shots. That’s right – no shots, no school.

So, if you haven’t rolled up your sleeve and aren’t current with your vaccines, head to the health department, first thing in the morning.

Also on the list: plenty of Z’s; a rested brain is an alert brain…just don’t forget to set your alarm.

Most importantly, relax, have fun and enjoy the day. After all, your “first day” only comes around once a year.