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A Helping Hand: 7-Year-Old Sells Art to Help Homeless

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DALLAS— A seven-year-old girl with a paint brush, sounds pretty normal right? But a seven-year-old girl painting and selling her art to raise money to help the homeless? Not so much.

Meet Gia Woodrum. She's using her creativity to create something special; and it all began during a car ride.

"The whole thing started last winter when we were driving home from work,” Gia’s dad Geoffrey Woodrum said. "It was a pretty cold night and there was a guy at the intersection asking for change."

So, Gia asked her parents if she could get him coat.

"Then she had the idea to buy everyone jackets, not just one person,” Geoffrey Woodrum said.

That's when she realized she could use her art to raise money for folks who need, jackets, blankets, shoes and other items. So, Gia and her family set up a website as a platform for her movement. So far she's raise over $4,000.

When Gia isn't busy creating a masterpiece, she's out with her family in downtown Dallas, handing out water to the homeless in the heat.

Whether she's painting, or pounding the pavement, there's no doubt this girl has a pretty special soul.

"Make the world beautiful,” Geoffrey Woodrum said. "We're just about helping people, so."

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