What You Don’t Know: Class of 2019 Schooled on Pop Culture

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BELOIT, WI - Ahh college, it's the four year adventure where you`re allowed to be blissfully ignorant while you slowly but surely turn yourself into a responsible adult. But according to Beloit College`s annual Mindset List there are 50 things this year`s batch of Freshmen will have a hard time wrapping their brains around.

Since most of the kids in this incoming class were born in 1997, that means Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and the Notorious B.I.G. were dead before they were even alive.

These kids have never licked a postage stamp since email's been their formal way of communication. They recognize Charlton Heston more for his defense of gun rights than leading his people through the Red Sea.

They`re more likely to know about the Lion King from the Broadway musical than from seeing the Disney movie. Also worth noting, those born in Texas have never seen the Houston Oilers play.

But this list of ignorance might be a little overblown, why? Because this generation has always had Google at their fingertips to research what they don`t know.

So class of 2019, you have a lot of things to Google search! Good luck!