Ruled Out: New Rules for College Football Released

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IRVING - We`re just over a week away from watching the pigskin get thrown around on Saturdays and Thursdays and even Fridays! And with a new season comes new rules.

The National Football Foundation came up with 9 minor rules tweaks to improve college football this season.

For starters you`ll now have at least one more person to yell at because the rules will now allow eight officials in a game instead of seven.

Next, you know those cool modified facemasks players wear? They`re now illegal over fear of opponents getting their fingers caught in the tight spacing of the bars.

That brings us to another rule. If a player is caught wearing illegal equipment they must now leave the game for at least one play and can`t return until the equipment is made legal.

But perhaps the most interesting change this year involves one of the most common occurrences in football; the dog pile. Now if a player pushes or pulls an opponent off the pile they`ll be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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