Cannabis-Based Smoothie Cafe Coming to Frisco

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FRISCO - Hey, who doesn't love a smoothie with all their favorite ingredients?  Well, one company's new smoothie shop will soon be serving drinks made with their favorite ingredient:  Cannabis.

That's right, North American Cannabis Holdings is getting ready to open the nation's first "AmeriCanna Cafe," which will offer beverages, edibles, and other hemp-based products.  It's a joint venture with a company called Hippie Butter.

It'll open here in the Metroplex, which seems strange, doesn't it?  After all, not even medical marijuana is legal here in Texas...

But CEO Steve Rash says the location makes plenty of sense.  "We're gonna open our first store in Frisco, because it's one of the fastest-growing communities not only in Texas but in America."

Fair enough!

Okay, now for the big question:  Will this stuff get you high?

The answer might disappoint some folks - it won't.  Rash says his products will be made with hemp seeds, not marijuana, and won't contain THC.  That's the stuff that makes weed - hemp's cousin - psychoactive.

The good news: you also won't need to worry about failing a drug test after drinking one of these smoothies.

Rash also points out that hemp is legal for consumption in all 50 states.  But as nice as legality is... What's the point of cannabis without the buzz, man?

Well, apparently, hemp has lots of benefits!  Rash says not only is it an easily-digestible source of protein, it's also allergen-free and high in important nutrients.  Who knew!

It won't be long before the AmeriCanna Cafe opens and you can try those benefits for yourself.  In the meantime... Is anybody else craving a smoothie?