Who’s Running for President?! Meet the Teen Behind ‘Deez Nuts’

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WALLINGFORD, IA — We’ve all seen the hilarious “Deez Nuts! Got ’em” memes and videos. Well, guess who’s running for president now? DEEZ NUTS!

American flag stickers set

Deez Nuts is running for president.

And we’re not talking about Welven, the guy who made the phrase “Deez Nuts” popular again.

According to The Daily Beast, Deez Nuts is actually 15-year-old Brady Olson from Iowa, which means he legally can’t run for president.

But that’s not stopping Deez Nuts from getting some love. He filed to run on July 26 and has quickly built up Internet support, even claiming endorsements from NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith and actor Anson Mount.

It gets better: a recent poll by Public Policy Polling shows nearly 10%  of North Carolina voters like the sound of Deez Nuts.

"Deez Nuts" gaining momentum in North Carolina polls.

“Deez Nuts” gaining momentum in North Carolina polls.

So, maybe in 20 years when Olson is 35 and can legally run for president, we’ll all be chanting, “Deez Nuts! Deez Nuts!”

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