Judge Fines Himself When His Phone Rings in Court

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HILLSBORO, OH--When you're in a courtroom, the judge makes the rules. What you wear, where you sit, and especially whether you can have your phone with you.

You don't wanna tick off a judge by having your cell phone go off in court, like one did in an Ohio courtroom this week.

Yeah, that phone's owner got slapped with a $25 contempt of court fine.

The violator? The judge himself!

In the seven years I've been judge I've always made sure I've always made sure I left my cell phone in my office," Judge Rocky Coss said.

But not this time. And if the phone itself wasn't a big enough distraction, his ring tone is bagpipes!

"I don't see how I can hold someone else in contempt and fine them for disrupting the proceedings when I do the same thing so and not fine myself," Judge Coss said. "Looking back on it it's funny. Everywhere I go people ask 'hey rocky you got your cell phone on."

Bet he won't make that mistake again. But maybe he'll be a little more lenient the next time it happens in his courtroom. After all, it really *can* happen to anyone.

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