Here’s the Winner of CW33’s Ugly Tattoo Photo Contest!

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Ugly Tattoo Photo Contest Winner Courtney

Congratulations to our Ugly Tattoo Photo Contest winner, Courtney!

She’s on her way to being a little less inky!


Courtney has about nine tattoos.

We had more than 150 great photo entries, along with some very ‘interesting’ stories; Courtney’s was definitely one of them. She is one of many who are still attached to an ex — only because of a tattoo.

After three and a half years of having ‘Judge’ on her lower back, Courtney decided she was ready to let go. “One of my cousin’s husbands does tattoos, so I got it done by him at a pretty cheap price (or else I would never done it), but I was talked into it,” she said.

“As soon as he finished, I was kinda wishing that I wouldn’t have gotten it, but young love is forever love, right? Ha!” she added.

Courtney's winning Ugly Tattoo is her ex-husband's last name.

Courtney’s winning Ugly Tattoo is her ex-husband’s last name.

Even though Courtney was initially happy with her ink, we all know things change.

The description she submitted with her photo said it all:

“I got this massive tattoo of my stupid lying cheating* ex husband’s last name while we still were married! Now in my new relationship, it just haunts me and I hate it more than anything! I hate having his stupid name on my body! Ew! I don’t want him to have that pleasure! Please help me! I need this tattoo gone! It’s gotta go one way or another!”

*Disclaimer: We don’t know Courtney’s ex-husband and we are not taking sides. :)

The ‘Ew!’ part says it all, doesn’t it?? “I’ve been wanting to remove this loser’s name as soon as we split, but I haven’t really looked into yet, but I was planning on it in the future. So when I saw y’all’s ad I just had to give it a go!”Courtney told us.

Courtney and her son

Courtney and her son

She’ll still have ink after Aloha Tattoo Removal gets rid of this one. “I have about nine or so tattoos and I have one more I’d look into removing,” she said.

What’s the secret to beating the competition and winning a contest where so many people are entered??

Courtney gave us a little insight.

“I would not have been able to win without the support of my sisters and grandma; they were sending out links like crazy!” she said. “They hate my ex as much as I hate the tattoo — which is a lot — so everyone helped me,” she said.

Apparently, it’s possible for good things to come from negative feelings.

Courtney and her dogs

Courtney and her dogs, Dallas and Daisy

Any chance Courtney will regret her decision? (Yeah, we already know the answer.)

“I will NOT miss this tattoo at all!”she told us very clearly.

So up next, a little laser action from Aloha Tattoo Removal!

I have always thought laser tattoo removal was painful, but it couldn’t be anymore painful then getting them on, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try to get those ugly tattoos off!




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