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‘I’m Not Blue, I’m Not Gigantic’: Facebook Bans Couple Over Last Name

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PRESCOTT, Ariz. — Arizona couple says Facebook has banned them from using the site — all because their last name is Avator.

The husband’s full name is Boa, short for Balizar Orion Avatar.

“My dad told me that my name in Sanskrit is ‘May the Lord protect the king, son of light in deity human form,'” Avatar told KTVK.

Facebook recently deleted his page because they don’t believe Avatar is his real name.

“I was confused, frustrated, and I was just kind of done,” Avatar said.

“I fell in love with his name just as much as I fell in love with him,” his wife Audry said, explaining that Facebook is giving her the same problem. “I think it’s discrimination, fully. I mean I have a special last name; I’m married to a special man.”

So, what’s the problem with the name Avatar? Well, Boa and Audry believe it has to do with the blockbuster 2009 movie “Avatar.” The science fiction movie was written and directed by James Cameron and focused blue extraterrestrials.

It was a huge success, and “Avatar 2” is set to be released in 2017.

As a result, Avatar said he and his wife are being forced to provide their driver licenses and other documents proving that Avatar is their name.

“I’m not blue, so, and I’m not gigantic,” Audry said. “I think they need to get off their high horse and realize you’re just social media.”

“I actually did think about calling James Cameron or trying to get a hold of James Cameron and being like, ‘Ya know, man, my last name’s Avatar and I’m taking a lot of grief from your movie. Maybe some compensation would be much appreciated,'” Boa said with a laugh.

Facebook got back to 3 On Your Side and explained that several words and names are flagged as being suspicious for having fake accounts. It just so happens that Avatar is one of those names.

The company said it is working on getting the Avatars’ Facebook pages up and running.

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