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License to Marry: Gay Granbury Couple’s Pricey Lawsuit Settled

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HOOD COUNTY — A lawsuit by a gay couple against Hood County’s finally been settled, but it wasn’t cheap.US-JUSTICE-GAY-MARRIAGE

Jim Cato and Joe Stapleton filed a federal lawsuit to get past Hood County clerk Katie Lang’s denial of a marriage license. The cost to taxpayers? More than $43,000! That was the grand total of attorney fees that piled up in court.

From the time the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, Cato and Stapleton tried for a week to get the license and were turned away every time. That’s when they went to court.

Pat O’Connell, one of the couple’s attorneys, released this statement saying, “It is sad that the taxpayers of Hood County have to pay the price for their elected official’s misconduct.”

Hood County certainly isn’t the only place in the nation to make it difficult for same-sex couples, but Cato and Stapleton’s lawyers say Hood County is the first to pay a financial settlement for refusing to issue licenses.

So, it looks like it all ended well for the Hood County couple who finally got to tie the knot. But not so much for Hood County taxpayers who had to foot the bill.