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Fixing Dallas PD: 2 Months and Still No Repairs After Shooting

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DALLAS- It’s been over two months since James Boulware opened fire at DPD headquarters. But, plywood is still covering the broken windows at HQ.

“It’s been a long time; I’m very surprised that it isn’t fixed by now,” says Marcus Bell as he walked by.

There were rumors repairs would start Monday. But, in a statement Dallas PD says;  “The materials have yet to arrive and there is no projected start date at this time.”

After the shootout, the Dallas Police association sent a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings, requesting bullet proof glass and 24-Hour surveillance at headquarters. But, they don’t have a clue if or when that might happen.

“We don’t know anything,” says Ron Pinkston, president of the Dallas Police Association. “The officers and the rank and file are very frustrated that the department and the city hasn’t communicated with the officers.”

Ron Pinkston says the delay isn’t just an embarrassing eyesore. It’s unsafe for the officers inside.

“They even had another bomb threat last week, I think. I mean, the security measures need to happen,” he says. “These are the guys and gals that protect the citizens of Dallas, but nobody is worrying about their safety.

Yeah, right now it looks like only the red tape is bulletproof.