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North Texas Hits 4th Driest Streak on Record, Relief in Sight

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NORTH TEXAS --  Call it the long, hot summer.

"I don’t like the heat, but [my kids] kinda like it, so I had to suffer up and get them out,” Quincy Brown told NewsFix.

Yeah, who knew it’d be so bone dry and stifling after the wet and wild spring we endured? Hey, remember when we were drowning under water just a few short months ago?

We never thought we’d catch a break from mother nature. Guess it goes to prove, be careful what you wish for because look at us now.

The National Weather Service says we’re 39-days without any measurable rainfall at DFW; that ties for 4th all-time driest streak in North Texas. The triple digit temps are no walk in the park, either.

But, not all is lost, friends. A cold front is headed our way and this one packs a one-two punch: rain and cooler temps. We’re talking highs in the upper 80s by Wednesday.

“As long as it’s not too hot, as long as it’s not too cold, where I can actually sit on a patio and enjoy the weather, is what I’m looking for,” Courtney Smith said.

There ya go, falling temperatures are a nice reminder that fall is just around the corner.

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