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Fanpires Flock to Annual ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Convention

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DALLAS, Texas -- Okay, it may be a little too early for Halloween, but, that doesn't mean some of The CW’s hottest 'cold blooded' characters can't come out and play! We’re talking about the stars from The Vampire Diaries, The CW’s super-smash series about a couple of blood sucking villains who try and take over a small town.

“We love the action and all the adventures that they have together,” one fan told NewsFix.

Hundreds of 'fan-pires' packed the official TVD convention, all hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite characters.

“We love all of them, but our favorite is Paul Wesley,” a group of teen girls explained.

The killer three-day event included a Q & A panel, a chance for photo-ops, and a cast celebration concert!

It goes without saying  -- these fans are thirsty for more Damon in the upcoming season.

“I like Ian; he's like really beautiful,” one fan-pire added!

But it looks like any juicy plot twists and set secrets won't be revealed until October 8; that's when the new season premieres on CW33!

“I hope that Nina comes back and she comes out of a coma,” one girl said.

And by the looks of this fan-fare, we`re pretty sure the new season will be a scream!

Once a vampire, always a vampire!

The Vampire Diaries Quiz!

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