Drink Your Sunscreen: New Supplement Can Help Protect From the Sun

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA-If mom taught us one thing about being out in the sun, it was to lather up with sunscreen.

But what if the old days of putting on that greasy white stuff were behind us, and no we're not talking spray on protection.

We're talking about drinking it!! California dermatologist Bobby Awadalla has developed UVO, the sunscreen you can drink!

It’s a formula of 30 vitamins and antioxidants that help protect your skin from UV rays.

Here's how it works:

Drink the 12 ounce bottle of UVO for three to five hours of protection against the sun.

But at about 5 bucks a pop, it's a more expensive way to stay protected.

However the American Academy of Dermatology says UVO shouldn't be used as a replacement for traditional topical methods.

Awadalla even recommends using multiple forms of sun protection, like hats and sunglasses.

So looks like you still need to pack that good old sunscreen, but hey, if you get thirsty your beverage might help you avoid the need to reapply.