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Wall Falling into Fort Worth Backyard; Officials Meet with Resident

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FORT WORTH—Just when this Fort Worth family thought they hit a wall, they finally got some help from City Hall.

“It’s been a long time coming; seems unbelievable to have gone five months and had no headway,” Kristyn Irizarry said.

That’s right.  It was back in March when NewsFix visited Kristyn Irizarry’s Fort Worth home the first time.  The retaining wall between their home and the Golf Club at Fossil Creek was crumbling down, and this family says they didn’t feel any support from the course, the builders, nor the city.  Now, their backyard is nearly gone.  Irizarry also says when she requested the proof of inspection for this wall, it  was nowhere to be found.   Tuesday, city officials met with her.

“The mayor’s office, and planning and development, the city manager, the city attorneys, as well as our personal House representative, representative Matthew Crouse. We were promised some phone calls back. All we’ve ever asked for was to sit at the table and have a conversation,” she explained.

She says the conversation helped, but it’s still too dangerous for her two kids to go out in the backyard alone.

“It’s the first thing that we think about when we wake up, it’s the last thing that we think about when we go to bed. Our choices are to what? File bankruptcy, walk away from our home to start all over again for what we’ve worked over a decade for and to provide for our children.”

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