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Top 5 Jobs You Won’t Find Millennials Working

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WASHINGTON, DC -- There's always a new study about the millennial way of life, like how the 20-somethings date or budget their money. Now, another set of researchers are saying millennials are far more picky than baby boomers and gen-x combined when it comes to their careers .

Huff-Po even highlighted a few jobs you probably won't catch a millennial clock in at.

Starting with a dead end job. Younger employees will choose their passion over a paycheck these days!  If they don't see their dreams unfolding they’ll be quick to chunk the deuces.

Then there's the 9 to 5 job. A survey says millennials are willing to take a pay cut just to get a flexible schedule.

A job with too much work and not enough life is next on the list. One study says 72% of millennial students are gunning for that career with a greater purpose in life -- whatever that means.

Most millennials also think working for the big guy is for the birds. They'll rather work for themselves than take orders from someone else.

And surprisingly, millennials aren't counting on a job with high pay. They’d rather rack up on vacation time, job security, and health care.

Okay, guess this generational thing puts a new meaning to the word “successful.”

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