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No Wrongdoing in Kipenzi’s Death

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DALLAS -- It's been a roller coaster of emotions. Just four months after we celebrated the live birth of Kipenzi, the baby giraffe died at the Dallas Zoo. Now two weeks after her death, the USDA has found no wrongdoing with the habitat or staff at the zoo.

Kipenzi was running in her habitat, took a sharp turn and hit a wall. She broke her neck and died instantly.

According to the Dallas Zoo, accidents like Kip's happen pretty often. 60% of calves don't make it to their first birthday.

Talk about survival of the fittest.

In Kipenzi's memory, the zoo has seen an outpouring of support with donations to giraffe conservation efforts in Africa.

Kipenzi will be missed. Hey, let's just hope all giraffes go to heaven.

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