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Fired Arlington Cop Lawyers Up

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Rookie Officer Brad Miller fired from Arlington PD for "poor judgment" in Christian Taylor shooting.

Fired Arlington PD Officer Brad Miller

ARLINGTON, TX -- Along with protesters, folks showed up at Arlington PD Headquarters to show support for fired Officer Brad Miller.

"I think it was probably, we both agreed, it was premature, very premature," supporter Gene Byrd said.

"It's a step in the right direction," Dominique Alexander with Next Generation Action Network said. "All we

Christian Taylor, shot and killed after breaking into Arlington car dealership

Christian Taylor

wanted was to have this officer charged."

The firing comes after Miller shot and killed 19-year-old Christian Taylor at a car dealership on August 7.

"Our community is hurting, the family is hurting, our department is certainly hurting. And frankly, our nation is hurting," Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said.

The department will now turn over its evidence to the district attorney who'll present it to the grand jury.

In a statement, Miller's attorney John Snider said:

"While Chief Johnson sits behind his desk and Monday morning quarterback's an officer's actions when coming face to face with a violent felon, his biggest fears are getting a paper cut or losing his six-figure salary.

Chief Johnson used 20/20 hindsight to protect his job and appease anti-police activists.  Officer Miller made decisions in the heat of a violent confrontation to save his and other officers' lives.  A four-day "investigation" and media theatrics are not even close to due process.

This decision, while politically expedient for Chief Johnson, is an insult to the rank and file officers who put their lives on the line every day."

Folks at the Cornerstone Baptist Church had already decided to start the healing process by planning a unity peace and prayer rally for Wednesday night.

"This is not a racial issue, this is a community issue we want to address. So, we want the whole community to come together," explained Pastor William McKissic, Jr.

City officials are expected to be at the event, including Mayor Jeff Williams and Police Chief Johnson.

"Hopefully just coming together, sharing the grief, we can begin the process of healing of our community as it relates to this tragic untimely death," Pastor McKissic said.

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