You Can Go to College Free! Wait, There’s a ‘But’…

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Guess it's the new normal, presidential candidates taking their fiery debates to Twitter! This time, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were caught trolling each other's timelines after Clinton posted her new "College Compact Plan."

The plan promises to expand college access and lower student debt.

But it seems like Clinton’s fellow running mates have also talked a good game plan when it comes to making things cheaper for the college kids.

Well, what if there is a way you could get that degree -- for free? Ever heard of an income share agreement? Author and SAT expert Jean Burk says that “…there seems to be a trend where some companies are saying to student ‘Hey, listen, we'll pay your loans back if you come work for us.’”

Of cours, there's a "but!"

Students would have to be willing to give the company a percentage of their incomes once they graduate until that IOU is paid in full!

“Problem with that is now you're kind of bound to that company,” Burk added. “The number one way to get free college is the SAT; the higher the score, the more money you get!”

Well, there you have it students. The dream is always free, but the hustle is sold separately.