Cab Drivers Sue DFW Airport

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DFW AIRPORT -- Score another one for app-based companies like Uber and Lyft when it comes to the seemingly never-ending war with the cab industry. Just days after DFW Airport allowed app-based companies to pick up passengers, the Dallas-based Taxicab Operators USA sued the airport.

They want the court to put the new policy on hold.

The cabbies claim allowing app-based companies into the airport carries security risks since cities and not the airport are now in charge of issuing permits.

Talal Chammout

Talal Chammout, fired Uber driver accused of raping passenger

Shawn Stevens, an attorney representing Taxicab Operators USA, says the risk is real.

“You had an Uber driver operating under false pretenses arrested for sexual assault about 10 days ago. Obviously, he was able to fake his way through it," Stevens said.

But once they were all in court Tuesday morning, the judge ruled that Uber and Lyft could continue operating at DFW Airport. It's a ruling that could deliver a financial blow to traditional taxi services.

“There is a certain amount of income that these drivers have been able to rely upon," said Stevens. “We are going to be arguing about whether this court has the jurisdiction to even hear this lawsuit and we're also going to plea with the court on our side to impose a temporary injunction."

It may not be over, but services like Uber and Lyft aren't just for a night out on the town anymore. You can also use them to get home from a trip outta town -- at least for now.